well i guess this is growing up... (radiohead2) wrote in i_am_so,
well i guess this is growing up...

name: Stella Turi
age: 16
gender: female
single/taken: uh..single

bands/artists: Radiohead, The Killers, The strokes, The Clash, Bright Eyes, Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery, The Libertines, the beatles, The who, Interpol, travis ( I kinda like in englnd so yeah…)
tv shows: Green Wing, Little Britain, trigger happy t.v,
movies:Jusassic park???
colors: green
stuff to do: make up stories about pale people

bush: ‘who let the dogs out…BUSH BUSH BUSH
global warming: could have been avoided…I don’t want to die drowning
abortion: uh…..
military draft: nope
labels: commercialisation is the worst kind of brain wahing in the world..stop it now
love: is all you need

promote us in 2 places and post the links: uh….well…tradethis, we_heart_jules I am really sorry…I have no idea about these kinda things…but I’ll talk about you guys lots in my posts…if you want…
show us 3-10 pictures: how do I post pictures…I am really soryy…uh…I’ll try…I don’t know how …sorry…oh god…I am patehricc3rv1ovn

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