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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give a quick note about being sorry. I haven't been very active lately, but i do have a very good reason. ((lol)) A little while ago my boyfriend was put in the hospital due to a football helmet SLAMMING into his shin in practice one day. It dented the helmet, and his shin bone was ALL messed up. He also had a massive infection too, yeah i saw it... ewww.

So he went to the hospital thinking he would be back in school the next day, becuase he was only suppose to get an IV in the wound ((ouch!)) . But he didn't come back the next day, he stayed becuase they did surgery on the bone. He was on IV's for a long time trying to get rid of the infection, but nothing was working. They were going to have to AMPUTATE his bottom half of his right leg!

One day later, his infection started going away. the doctors have no clue how, but it happened! So now, my Josh is back to school and me, and hes doing great!! but this all just made it extremely hard to do extra things on here :-/

So sorry about not being active, but.. IM BACK

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